You thought it was over when she was found. You thought it was over when she got a name. But no, the saga of the Bronx Zoo's cobra will never end...until she makes her formal debut to society. The Bronx Zoo will officially reopen the Reptile House today, and she'll get her own plaque. Will these 15 minutes never end?

The sign above her enclosure will read, "Meet Mia - The Famous Bronx Zoo Cobra," and include details of her harrowing escape to a corner a few feet away. One Bronx resident told the Daily News, "I'd definitely pay to come see her. I wanna see her and all the information about how she did it." Mia has also kept vocal on Twitter; BronxZoosCobra wrote, "The Reptile House reopens today. Come and visit me. Today is "Glass Cutter Day" at the zoo. Bring a glass cutter and get in 1/2 price!"

In other zoo news, the Big Bears exhibit has been closed. You can start panicking again now.