The first official Democratic candidate mayoral debate took place last night with all four candidates, including Congressman Anthony Weiner who had been passed a kidney stone earlier in the day. After that, we can only imagine the debate was a walk in the park! The NY Times has a transcript of the debate, but there's nothing like seeing City Council Speaker Gifford Miller get all pissy when asked if he would send his kids to public school (they attend private pre-K now). Former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer tried to redirect criticism from himself to the Mayor, Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields was the only candidate to eagerly say she wanted the Reverend Al Sharpton's endorsement, and Weiner came away with the best one-liners. All in the all, the debate was kind of boring, like the candidates themselves; the Observer's Ben Smith and Lizzy Ratner explain the problems with all the candiates, including Mayor B, in an article today called the "Aristo-Democrats," with the most frightening cartoon EVER.

More on the city politick: New York magazine reports that Ferrer's campaign may already planning a victory party (in the immortal words pre-September 11 of a friend who worked on Mark Green's campaign, "Barring a catastrophe, we're definitely going to win."); Fields' campaign did not miss a step in making another mistake - a campaign aide accidentally emailed NYC's political reporters an internal note about how Fields would address hate crimes; and GOP hopeful Thomas Ognibene is suing to get on the primary ballot with less signatures, arguing that as a Republican in a blue-city, it's hard to get that many registered Republicans to sign.

Photograph via NY Post pool photo