With the continuing hubbub about Mayor Bloomberg not attending tomorrow's night's debate in Harlem, Gothamist wonders if the Bloomberg camp is thinking that attending it might have been less trouble, because now former Vice President and lockbox promoter Al Gore has joined Fernando Ferrer in saying that Bloomberg should attend tomorrow's debate. Hilariously, the Bloomberg campaign is now saying that the Mayor can't attend because he was celebrating Rosh Hashanah and therefore couldn't prepare, which is a change of excuse from the I will only do two debates - the same as I did in 2001 - closer to the election and on network TV. And, please, does his campaign really expect people to believe that Bloomberg doesn't have some gentiles who can drill information the mayor on Thursday? And Bloomberg has been a Jew for his entire life, though not necessarily the most religious of them - it's pretty convenient for him to pull the "I'm a Jew" card now - and his minions were still calling for support on Rosh Hashanah!

The NY Times has a long article looking at the Mayor's powerful record of driving crime down, though there is some debate about how much credit he and Police Commmissioner Ray Kelly should get (Councilman James Barron says about the praise Bloomberg and Kelly got for handling the shooting of a Brooklyn teen by a police officer "compassionately": "I give him absolutely no credit for doing what a mayor is supposed to do, which is to go to the funeral and apologize. What's happened is that Giuliani was so horrible, what should be an ordinary response has come to be viewed as extraordinary."). The Observer has two Bloomberg-related articles, one about his campaign aide Stu Loeser who knows Ferrer inside out and one about Democrat for Bloomberg milliionaire Steve Rattner.

And on a final note, Gothamist saw a Ferrer ad this morning was about affordable housing and how Ferrer said there should be more. It would have been more compelling had Ferrer maybe given a suggestion, instead of just saying more affordable housing is something he'd like. Gothamist thinks everyone would like more affordable housing - but tell us HOW.