A week has passed after a Long Island jury found John White guilty of manslaughter, but details of what happened in the jury room and talk of an appeal continues.

White was convicted for shooting a teenager, Daniel Cicciaro Jr., in the summer of 2006. White, who is black, claimed he felt threatened when he saw Cicciaro and other white teenagers surround his house trying to seek revenge on White's son Aaron over a perceived insult. The teens had also allegedly used racial epithets, leading his defense lawyers to describe the scene as a lynch mob. Prosecutors, however, said White could have stayed inside, locked the door, and called the police.

When a jury found themselves deadlocked the Friday before Christmas, the judge urged the jurors to come to a verdict, and the jury did so by Saturday. So far, two jurors have spoken out about feeling pressured to find White guilty. Now, as White's lawyers tackle appealing the verdict, experts say the appeal will have to focus more on the judge's instructions (versus juror pressure) and whether the judge may have implied she would keep them in deliberations so close to the holidays.

Today, the Post reveals the words of another juror that provide a glimpse into the heated debate:

"If we let him free, Mr. Cicciaro [Sr.] will kill John White himself," the juror shouted, according to another juror, who asked not to be identified.

As his aghast peers fell silent, the male juror paused for 15 seconds, then said, "If it was my son, I would do the same."

At another point he added, "If there is a hung jury, I will go over to Daniel Cicciaro [Sr.] and apologize to him," according to another juror.

The Reverend Al Sharpton is leading a march and rally for John White to protest the verdict on January 5, outside the courthouse in Riverhead. And White's lawyers note that white homeowners in Long Island support of White: Given that home invasion robberies are up, lawyer Marie Michel said, "White homeowners are very concerned about this case. They feel very vulnerable. They wonder what this case means for them as property owners."