Since it's now a big boy news channel that's free of its ideological master/serial sexual harasser top man, Fox News was determined to make this third and final presidential debate at UNLV the "issues debate." Other debates could have Ken Bone and sniffles, Chris Wallace was going to preside over a meaningful exchange of ideas, damn it.

Darren, thanks.

Supreme calm:

Say what you will about the way the Supreme Court was discussed, but at least everyone stayed on the topic. Hillary Clinton stood up for women who got late term abortions, while Donald Trump suggested pro-life, pro-Second Amendment judges were important because women were having fetuses ripped out of their wombs days before giving birth and that Clinton was extremely upset after the District of Columbia vs. Heller decision.

Nobody's puppet:

That's a weird funny tweet from 2013. It's even funnier because in a debate section that was supposed to be about immigration, Trump and Clinton argued about who was Putin's puppet and Trump specifically said "This is not my best friend."

Banana Republican:

Chris Wallace floated a softball up there for Donald Trump, asking him if he would accept the election results despite his apocalyptic warnings about how it was going to be rigged. "He'll say he's going to accept the results, and I can ask Clinton why she personally torched her emails," Chris Wallace no doubt thought to himself. Instead, Trump blew the easiest question of the entire debate and now everyone is freaking out.

It's honestly like Trump doesn't want to get elected. Faced with the simple task of saying he respected America's historic peaceful transition of power, Trump said he would "look at it at the time." He might as well have stood up there and sang the Taliban national anthem for all the good that answer did him. Trump also threw his vice presidential pick, who just said he would accept the election results, under the bus for the second straight debate, and left Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus holding the bag and insisting literally the opposite of what Trump claimed on the stage.

He also threw first debate Donald Trump under the bus.

Someone is still sore about the 2004, 2005 Emmys

While outlining how awful it was the Trump would basically ignore the American democracy, Clinton mentioned how he's just a sad little man, smarting about the Emmys:

Seven-time Emmy award winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus had thoughts:

But seriously, folks...

"He choked":

You know, Clinton rightfully caught some shit for that "Trumped up trickle down economics" line from the first debate, but maybe she was playing the long game, lulling us all to sleep just to confidently call Donald Trump a choker when he flew down to Mexico

Bad Hombres:

"We have some bad hombres here," Donald Trump said when discussing immigration, which is about the most racist old guy way of framing the immigration debate short of calling Latino immigrants rapists.

Just Trump being Trump though, according to the weird tweets of bunker citizen/campaign pollster Kellyanne Conway as she tries to wash her hands of this whole thing!

It's almost enough to make you feel bad for her, until you remember she voluntarily joined up with a man too stupid to bring fascism to the White House!

Nasty Girl:

Trump didn't call Clinton the devil this debate, and in fact almost made it through the whole night without a pointless insult that just made him look like an out of control bully. And then after some gentle ribbing from Clinton about his habit of avoiding taxes, he just went for it:

Trump also managed to do this just as Kellyanne Conway started to spin how well he'd done:

There were fewer sniffs, but there was water drinking:

You fool! Have you learned nothing from Marco Rubio?

Van Jones spoke for America:

Rudy being Rudy being ghoulish:

Rudy Giuliani began the night talking about Bill Clinton's "illegitimate children" for some reason.

He ended the night insisting the election fraud was real and that Democrats would do it.

He also physical with a moderator while he argued with Mark Cuban:

Donald Trump Jr. didn't have a great night trying to spin this one either:

"My dad doesn't know what he's doing up there, being President is a step down for him," is a great post-debate message.

This was the final presidential debate of 2016, so you don't need to watch anymore of them. Now it's just a bunch of waiting until we get drunk on Election Day. And please, for the love of god, leave Social Security alone.