The world will be forced to carry on with one less Ferrari Enzo, after a technician crashed the $600,000 car on Interstate 95 near Stamford, Connecticut.

The car, owned by a Cuban multimillionaire who made his fortune on mattresses, was being driven by a technician for Miller Motorcars, an ultra-luxury car dealership based in Greenwich, the Stamford Advocate reports. The driver suffered only a minor cut, and his passenger, also a technician at the dealership, was unhurt, though the report was presumably published before the car's owner had a chance to...weigh in.

Ferrari produced less than 400 Enzos ever, meaning smashing one into the center divide of a Connecticut highway is generally frowned upon. The 650-horsepower car, which can reach the blinding top speed of 218 mph, apparently began to fishtail on the northbound entrance ramp before striking a bridge wall, spinning across three lanes of traffic and ultimately careening into the divide. The vehicle's right side sustained heavy damage.

The driver, now a dead man walking, was issued a ticket for "failing to drive in an established lane." A word of advice to him: Get in to what's left of that car, turn the radio to AC/DC, and get the hell out of here. You can make it to the border by morning! Go! GO!