deadlylightning.jpgHistorically, lightning has been viewed as a sign of anger of the gods from Greek and Norse mythology. But were the Gods so cruel that their anger brought upon death?

Transition to modern day where the Gods are now Fox. It seemed alarming, even from Fox to see the words ‘deadly lightning' on our screen last Thursday night. We don’t argue that lightning is potentially deadly, it just felt awfully dramatic to see the words as we were trying to enjoy a bit of the Simpsons.

It does beg the question, how often is lightning really deadly anyway?

According to eMedicine, nearly 8 million lightning flashes occur every day worldwide while only a small percentage cause human injury and an even smaller percentage cause death. Specifically, the number of lightning deaths in the US from 1990 – 2003 totaled 756.
It seems that New Yorkers don’t have much to worry about on that front. We rank 18 out of 52 with only 24 fatalities over the last decade.

However, if your travels take you to Florida, Texas or Colorado this summer you need to be careful. According to Fox, it could be deadly.