Police are still on the hunt for the man who fatally shot a bread deliveryman in Gravesend on Saturday night. Based on the trajectory of the bullets fired into Jorge Martinez's van (one struck him in the head), it's suspected that the gunman was aiming from a rooftop. Now a police source tells the Post, "He must've been testing out his gun. He fired a few times at a parked car and then fired at a moving vehicle, thinking he'd scare the driver."

The police found nine 9-mm shell casings on the roof of the Marlboro Houses and now they are seeing if it matching the bullets fired at Martinez's van and other cars. Residents told the News "a party in a seventh-floor apartment known for drug use was going on at the same time as the shooting - right below the part of the roof from which the bullets were apparently fired," and one said, "It's scary. Every weekend you can hear shots, all the time."

Martinez was an Ecuadorean immigrant had two teenaged children. One of his children said, "He was a great guy, the best dad ever. He was like a hero to me... He was the person we loved most in the world... We don't know who did this to my dad. He was working to give us the best future. He was simply delivering bread. This is just not fair. He didn't deserve this at all."