Dastardly emerald ash beetles are coming to destroy our trees, warn scientists. And there's no way to stop them from their deadly crusade against nature.

The pint-sized beetles, which were supposed to attack last spring, have been re-strategizing and are set to attack ash trees sometime very soon. “It’s a tiny little thing. It’s amazing the amount of damage it’s gonna cause,” said one expert. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has put out "thousands" of traps to track the beetles, but at this point, “their hope is to slow it down. That’s about all they can do now,” explains one naturalist working at West Point.

The buggers are believed to have arrived from China about ten years ago. They have killed 70 million ash trees across the country since then. Here are some tips on identifying emerald ash borers, and a message [PDF] from the NYSDEC about what to do if you think there are beetles on your property.