If watching "Deadlock Don" John Gotti Jr. gracefully maneuver his way to four hung juries over the last five years was as entertaining for you as it was for us, then you'll be happy to learn that Gotti has sold his life rights to Hollywood. Finally, there'll be new work for Paulie Walnuts!

The son of the Gambino crime family leader has agreed to a deal with the independent production company Fiore Films to make a film about his life. Gotti told AP that he's simultaneously working on a book and a screenplay with actor-writer Leo Rossi (who has "carved a niche" for himself by saying the line "Hey, college boy" in several films), and plans on being heavily involved with the production: "It's going to be filmed in New York, I've been working on it in New York, we can be an active player in the situation from start to finish...This is not a mob story. That's one misconception. This is a father-son story."

Sylvester Stallone has already expressed interest in directing and starring-in the film, which Gotti envisions as beginning with the final meeting he had with his father in 1999, when he told the senior Gotti, who was dying of throat cancer in prison, that he was walking away from the business. It's already got us thinking about some of our favorite moments from the trials, from the seances to the unforgettable diva Juror 7, who didn't want the "phony" people speaking to her (may we suggest Gwyneth Paltrow since she's already got the irritating part down?).