2005_10_paulstanley.jpgEven though Behind the Music isn't on anymore, the NY Times has a story that proves anyone barely related to the music industry might just be insane. Jesse Hilsen, who was originally Paul Stanley's psychotherapist, became the manager of Kiss in 1988. That same year he filed bankruptcy before his divorce was finalized, which meant his wife lost her apartment and had to move into a homeless shelter on the Upper West Side. While he was paid as much as $725,000 in 1992, "[f]rom 1988 to 1994, Dr. Hilsen paid his wife and three children about $100,000 in increments of $300 a week," only to flee the country 1994. The divorce law system is so effed up. Dr. Hilsen pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge so he could keep his medical practice, but the $800,000 he still owes his wife has been waived because he pleaded guilty. Okay, the federal law system is totally effed up.

Metallica put their shrink on call, as seen in the documentary, Some Kind of Monster.