Police in Tarrytown, NY are calling the death of a 23-year-old "suspicious" after finding her body in a condo in an "exclusive" part of town. The woman apparently did not reside in the home.

Tarrytown police Lt. William Herguth said they received a call yesterday afternoon about someone being shot at 157 West Main Street. Patch reports, "He could not reveal if the caller was someone at the scene itself or who may have heard shots nearby." They found the woman in a fourth floor bedroom, per Herguth, "mortally wounded and pronounced dead at the scene." Other weapons were found in the room, and police haven't ruled out homicide or suicide yet as cause of death.

According to PIX, "Neighbors say a couple lived in the home with their two children. One of them went to college." In fact, entertainment lawyer Robert Gaulin is recorded as the condo's owner.

A neighbor told the Journal News, "It’s exclusive; it’s an exclusive area."