A dead whale washed up on the beach in Coney Island today, according to the NYPD.

Sheepshead Bites, however, maintains that this is technically Brighton Beach. Either way, it seems clear we've got a dead whale on our hands, and somebody has to get it out of there before it explodes. From Sheepshead Bites:

Police confirmed that they received a call about a whale at approximately noon today, and said it was found dead. They had no further information as of this writing.

“It washed in on this tide. It looks like it was hit by a propeller and partially decapitated,” said tipster James Wall of the grisly scene.

It's still unclear what killed the whale, but according to Sheepshead Bites, authorities have been working to remove its remains. If it's still there in the morning, we'll let you know. Goodnight, Sweet Prince Whale.

Last year, a dead whale was found floating in New York Harbor. It may have been hit by a cruise ship.