The last time there was a whale in the news, we were all marveling at the arrival of Gracie, the New Year's Eve whale who was seen hanging out near Gracie Mansion. Today brings more whale news, but in an ominous sign, the first whale story of the year is that a dead whale washed ashore near LaGuardia Airport. What is nature trying to tell us about LaGuardia II?

The whale washed ashore yesterday afternoon according to ABC7, right near the "Welcome to New York" sign on one of LaGuardia's runways, the kind of thing that will not help LaGuardia's bad optics. According to the News, the whale washed ashore without any signs of injury or foul play, and the presence of the 15-foot minke whale carcass didn't get in the way of airport functions.

The good news, in a way, is that this whale isn't Gracie, who officials believed was a humpback whale. Look, it's going to be a long year, you have to find the silver linings where you can.