The NY Post scored the first jailhouse interview with Thomas Prusik-Parkin, aka "Dead Mom Walking," aka "Dragnut," aka the dude who dressed up as his dead mother to collect her Social Security benefits and mortgage her Park Slope brownstone, and the guy who kept a coffin in his living room. And he discussed Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 classic thriller about a cross-dressing murderer with mommy issues!

The tabloid explains, "Prusik-Parkin bizarrely turned a jailhouse interview with The Post yesterday into an opportunity to ramble about the fictional killer's psyche." The 49-year-old, who is charged with 47 counts of grand larceny, forgery and conspiracy, said, "Whenever [Norman Bates] looked through the hole [at actress Janet Leigh undressing in her motel room], he would get excited. He'd kill her, then in his head think it was his mother." Keep in mind that Prusik-Parkin told investigators that he's "not Norman Bates."

Prusik-Parkin denied being in the surveillance video images that show him dressed up as his deceased mother Irene, "That wasn't me. That was an impersonator," and said he was sad when his mother died, since he was "mostly been raised in a household full of women." He also claimed his mother was a B-movie star who dated Gene Kelly, yet couldn't recall any of her films. Prusik-Parkin is being held on $1 million bail, as is his friend Mhilton Rimolo, who would pose as his mother's nephew during schemes.