Relatives of the 29-year-old man fatally stabbed by a 16-year-old girl who feared he was going to rape her are urging the high school sophomore to come out of hiding. The family of Thomas Winston — who with a group of five to seven men allegedly accosted Cyan Brown near the 21st Street-Queensbridge F station on Christmas Eve — want Brown to turn herself in.

"There are two different stories out there about what happened. And it's her word against my dead brother's," Winston's 22-year-old sister Ryan McGuire told the Post. Yesterday, the deceased's relatives claimed the altercation began when a boy who was with Brown bumped into Winston — though Brown's family has maintained that the teen only stabbed Winston after tried to force himself upon her.

"She said she feared for her life and she felt like she was going to be raped, so she panicked," said her father, Tony Lovitt, 48. "She was scared to death with seven or eight males following her. Anyone would do the same thing." Brown reportedly remains in hiding at a relative's home in Brooklyn.