Last week, when NJ Governor Chris Christie endorsed real estate mogul Donald Trump, it seemed like a monstrous but well-matched marriage of nasty putdowns and arrogance, one that the Republican Party deserved. But on Super Tuesday, it seems the honeymoon is over and the reality is sinking in for Christie. His dawning realization of what President Trump really means for America was evocatively captured by these Vines.

Now that Christie is imprisoned in the Make America Great Again Especially For Former KKK Leaders Compound, he was forced to appear in Palm Beach, Florida at Trump's Mar-A-Lago estate to play hype man, introducing the avant-garde hairstyle enthusiast after securing a series of Super Tuesday primary wins. But when The Donald took the stage for a long press conference, Christie stood behind him, with the same blank (except for a few moments) expression:

Soon, the Twitterverse was looking for clues:

But then settled on making Vines:

What a way to cap off a day when six NJ newspapers publish a joint editorial asking for your resignation! And for your and the GOP's nightmare fuel, here's a NY Times story titled, "Donald Trump’s Backers Express Deep and Diverse Support," with sentences like "Early exit polls confirmed his broad support; in Virginia, for example, he was winning not only among lower-income voters, his usual base, but also in other categories including veterans and self-described conservatives and white evangelicals. In Texas, those calling themselves political moderates, the kinds of voters some rivals are counting on, were favoring Mr. Trump as well."