A minivan covered with parking tickets and debris had been sitting on 34th Avenue under the BQE overpass for long enough that a city marshal was finally dispatched to have the 2000 Chevrolet Ventura towed on Wednesday morning. But a grisly surprise was waiting inside: The badly decomposed corpse of a 59-year-old man, who apparently died from a heart attack, at least according to his daughter. Sources tell the Daily News that the deceased driver, a diabetic handyman named George Morales, was homeless, but his 29-year-old daughter Jennifer insists he lived with her and her two kids in Washington Heights. She says she called police after he went missing last month, but the NYPD claims they have no record of a missing person report. There's probably more to this story, but for now all we know are the disturbing details Morales shares with the News: "The window was cracked open. I don't understand how no one noticed him. They just gave him tickets. In the autopsy, they said they just found skeletal remains, no organs, only his heart." She believes he had a heart attack.