Thankfully it's been a little while since a dead animal, or its remains, have popped up over at the lake in Prospect Park. Unfortunately, that short streak is now over—yesterday a dead dog was found in the lake by a maintenance worker, the latest victim at what the Brooklyn Paper is now calling "a watery graveyard."

The dog's carcass wasn't in good shape, and officials believe it may have gone missing last winter and fallen through the ice (which, while sad, is better than santeria or butchery). The dog was scooped out of the water in a crate, and Prospect Park spokesman Eugene Patron says, “At first [the maintenance worker] wasn’t sure if it was a dog or a possum—it was that badly decomposed."

Previously severed chicken heads, animal guts, turtle remains and other gruesome discoveries were made lake-side, and last month one of the local swans died after a swan-on-swan violent attack. But as WPIX found out during a recent report, it's not only the living that meet their end there—one of their reporters recently found a television set bobbing in the water. He "removed the TV himself and took it to Central Park, wondering if officials would tolerate a TV floating in one of Manhattan's picturesque ponds."