Gothamist thinks that if there's one thing that can help burst the real estate bubble (think Curbed's BubbleWatch™), it might be more incidents of dead bodies at open houses. A realtor in Queens was showing a house in Jamaica and found the body of a man outside. The way the Post describes the house, "weeds in the yard," "surrounded on three sides by plywood," and "a magnet for criminal activity" make it sound like it was priced to sell. While it's not required for realtors to disclose any deaths at a house, some realtor associations recommend that they, in this market, we imagine that even if there was a murder, people would jump at an opportunity to buy a place at a steal. And then there was a ruling a few years ago about some people upstate who were upset they bought a haunted house on the Hudson, claiming they were "victims of ectoplasmic fraud."