[UPDATE BELOW] The body of a man in his 30s was discovered in Tompkins Square Park this morning, and police officers say they're investigating the cause of his death.

Cops say they responded to a call at around 8:20 a.m. this morning, finding the unidentified male unconscious and unresponsive, lying in a field inside the park near St. Marks Place and Avenue A. Emergency workers arrived on the scene and pronounced the man dead; according to EV Grieve, rumors are circulating that the man's death was the result of a drug overdose, but those have not been confirmed.

The incident is currently under investigation, and we will update when more information becomes available.

Update 2:46 p.m.: An individual contacted us, saying he was the one who discovered the body this morning.

I am the person who noticed him, found him unresponsive, and knew he looked dead. I didn't touch him and asked around if anyone knew him because he was in a bad way, and some people said they think he had been there like that all night. I called 911 and waited for the police and EMTs to show up and when they did (after 3 minutes) I watched the EMT start CPR and then pronounce him dead when he realized the man already had signs of early rigor....Later I got a call from a 9th precinct officer and answered some more questions and he said they don't think there was any foul play.