You may have read a "terrifying account" on the internet about a woman being arrested for carrying a dead baby on the L train last night. BuzzFeed lifts Redditor hollyholidayz's tale, which includes the detail from a man in the car with the woman and the dead baby who "said the car smelled of decomposing flesh, not the usual subway stench." We contacted the NYPD, who said they had no account of the arrest, likely because it was a false alarm. "We responded, but there was no patient," an FDNY rep tells us. "It was an EDP holding a doll." He added, "It appeared to be a Cabbage Patch doll."

That might explain this detail, via YourHumbleNarrator:

I thought it was strange because 1, it appeared to have burns or scars on it's face-- and a pacifier in it's mouth. 2, it's body was so much smaller than it's head and it was wearing strange almost patched up feet or hands were showing.

In summation: if you smell "rotting flesh" on the subway, chances are it's just how the subway smells. Probably those damn "hipsters."