has made a name for itself over the last decade by letting passers-by take a bird's eye view of the their bears getting stuffed inside workshops around the country. But yesterday police caught up with a group of criminals in The Bronx who have been filling up the teddy bears with bags of heroin over the last year right under their unsuspecting neighbors' noses.

In total, police arrested 12 suspects for trafficking $30 million worth of heroin after raiding five separate addresses to cap off a four-month investigation. The gang of drug dealers had sold up to 44 pounds of smack, packaged up in square-inch dime bags. The operation centered around a safe house on Carpenter Avenue in Wakefield where authorities also rounded up $150,000 in cash, drug paraphernalia, weapons and incriminating documents.

A DEA spokesman revealed that the heroin was sold under names such as Barack Obama, Swine Flu and Crime 360 (inspired by the reality crime show). The Post says that "the crooks were cutting open the backs of the bears on a glass table and filling the innocent toys with the highly addictive drug." The DEA official said, "We've seen a big increase in heroin use throughout the tristate area in recent months, especially in the suburbs."

A neighbor said to the News, "My daughter has one of those toys. I'm very surprised something like that was going on right here and I'm especially surprised it was a Build-A-Bear."