Sending drugs through the mail, not the best long-term drug smuggling method! A week after 35 pounds of coke was delivered (presumably mistakenly) to the United Nations, the DEA has started coming down on an allegedly mob-connected smuggling ring that used doormen in posh buildings to sign for their illicit deliveries. "It’s still an ongoing investigation—we’re still looking into it," a DEA agent told the Post.

So far the DEA has charged two New York men, Lulzim Kupa and Nezer Papraniku, in the scheme—which involved bribing doormen to sign for and hold on to packages until the right parties could come and pick them up. The DEA is currently unsure of just how many buildings were used in the scheme and how many doorman were a part of it, but they say they've got leads. In court documents filed in Brooklyn the agency says "that it has several informants who possess inside knowledge about the doormen cocaine smuggling scheme, so additional arrests may follow."

As for how the ring got noticed? Well, it didn't help that the packages the doormen were signing for were sent to people who didn't live in the buildings in question. Guess it's back to stuffing cocaine in clams!