A group of New York's Most Valuable Citizens, including NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, David Koch, and Barbara Walters, met at Steve Schwarzman's Park Avenue home on Monday night (Steve lives there along with David and John and Vera, you know) to celebrate the twilight of Diana Taylor's time as our city's Discreetest First Lady. But don't let the laser-enhanced smiles in the slideshow fool you: The idea that New York might soon be run by one of those people sent a shock through the soiree like the first sip of an overshaken martini.

Noted purveyor of socialist agitprop Women's Wear Daily somehow made it past the retina scanners to file this report:

There was considerable alarm about Bill de Blasio’s lead in the polls, along with his plan to raise taxes on New York’s upper echelon.

“I fear for New York City if Mr. de Blasio gets elected,” said Muffie Potter Aston. “He just wants to tax everyone to smithereens. You have to be fair to everyone. You have programs that support all of the people of New York. But if you continue to tax what you see as the upper-income brackets, it’s still only going to be providing a small percentage of additional income.”

Oh, Muffie you always have a way of getting directly to the point!

With only three months left for the mayor in office, it was dawning on the 740 Park Avenue set that his end is near. Already the order of things seemed to be slipping. Christine Schwarzman was alarmed about the beating of an SUV driver in upper Manhattan that has captured the tabloids. John Bernbach, the longtime advertising executive and a rare Democrat in the room, wished Commissioner Kelly had gotten in the race. Violaine, Bernbach’s wife, supported some of de Blasio’s platform, but still didn’t know enough about his plans for the city’s security.

Bill de Blasio hasn't even been elected yet and people are getting dragged out of their Range Rovers and beaten. A criminal flouts the law to spray lies on private property. Meanwhile the rabble, bare blackened feet aloft, fire shotgun blasts of air from the orifices of their cold, illicit cans of anarchy.

“I’ve never understood why New Yorkers vote against their own interests,” said Jacqueline Weld Drake. “New York is a city of financial entrepreneurs, of genius stock traders and bankers. It would be a smart idea to keep it that way. It’s not a city that’s going to benefit from high taxes because people who have substantial incomes have a choice. They have a choice of venues. New Jersey beckons. Florida beckons. All kinds of other states who do better at job creation. We are really biting the hand that feeds us. No question about it.”

Just think of all the kinds of other states where the genius stockbrokers could go! We're going to fix a drink real quick.

Taylor declined to speak to reporters, instead conferring with [Barry] Diller, Walters and Aston. It was up to the members of her social circle to speak to her accomplishments and the mayor’s, who was absent. Aston did not wish to see Bloomberg go.

“I would love to support a fourth term for Mike Bloomberg. So if we can float that, you can say Muffie Potter Aston wants a fourth term for Michael Bloomberg,” she said.

Anyone else?