In a move that the NY Post's editors are sure to love, Mayor de Blasio will be flying to Paris tonight, leaving behind a city in ruin so he can frolic with cheese-eating surrender monkeys who hate freedom and cops. According to a press release from the mayor's office, de Blasio will spend Tuesday attending "a series of events with French officials and Jewish community leaders to honor and commemorate the victims of the terror attacks that occurred there earlier this month." Here's the itinerary:

The Mayor will stand in solidarity with our friends in Paris and across France to send the clear message that together we will fight terrorism and anti-Semitism at every turn, and that crude attempts to intimidate free expression will not succeed. 10:00 AM - Lay Wreath at Hyper Casher with Deputy Mayor Klugman 10:30 AM - Meeting with Leaders of the Jewish Community with Deputy Mayor Klugman (Closed press.) 11:30 AM - Meeting with Mayor Hidalgo at Parisian City Council Assembly Room (This meeting will be closed press. There may be a photo spray opportunity.) 12:15 PM - Lay Wreath at Charlie Hebdo with Mayor Hidalgo 12:25 PM - Lay Wreath where Police Officer Ahmed Merbat was Shot and Killed 12:45 PM - Press Statement and Availability with Mayor Hidalgo at Place de la République 2:30 PM - Drop By “Le Cent Quatre” - a cultural center representative of the diversity of Paris

De Blasio will return to NYC on Tuesday night, bringing back an estimated 8.5 million Eiffel Tower souvenirs for everybody.