If Mayor de Blasio hasn't already made it clear that he's JUST LIKE YOU—he shovels his own snow! He's an embarrassing dad! He loves free stuff! And JUST LIKE YOU, the mayor is a member of a gym. Unlike you, though, he has actually set foot inside that gym more than once. Want to know about his crushing workout? Read on!

Today, the Times ran an in-depth story (complete with graphics!) documenting de Blasio's gym regimen, which is comprised of some stretches and light cycling work. The mayor's apparently a devoted member of the Prospect Park YMCA, working out regularly to combat the negative bodily effects of running this small town. Not that the Times reporter was all that impressed with de Blasio's athletic finesse:

Mr. de Blasio had still more stretches to do — his shoulders, and that tree-swaying thing — but he did eventually get to what others might consider part of an actual workout: cycling on a stationary bike.

Switching the channel to MSNBC to watch “Morning Joe,” he started pedaling at a pace that looked not much faster than a walk. The woman next to him looked as though she were in the last leg of the Tour de France. The mayor looked as though he had just polished off an early-evening glass of Bordeaux and a Gauloise.

And there was more gym-shaming: the mayor, whose past knee surgeries have prohibited him from taking on more intense aerobic activity, reportedly "barely seems to break a sweat," for instance, and his "decidedly unofficial-looking calisthenics" drew comparison to "a long-necked shorebird." We can't all be Michael Bloomberg, who presumably maintained his lithe form during his mayoral reign by dead-lifting banned bags of trans-fat heavy frozen french fries, and laughing maniacally at photos of his enemies to build abdominal strength.

You'll never outrun Liam Neeson now, Bill!