The campaign of Bill De Blasio didn't start great, but with the incredibly entertaining collapse of Anthony Weiner, the mostly-comatose campaigning of Bill Thompson, the stench of Bloomberg surrounding Quinn, and the conspiracy against John Liu, New York City's Public Advocate now has a very real chance of finding himself in Gracie Mansion. He's gotten there by being the most relatable, seemingly-authentic liberal candidate, and his campaign knows that.

For their first major TV buy, the De Blasio campaign is trotting out Dante, a young New Yorker, who also happens to be De Blasio's son:

The New York Times has also latched onto the De Blasio campaign, offering a glowing profile of his family in today's paper:

In a city where white residents are becoming a minority of the voting population, the family-centric strategy has allowed Mr. de Blasio, who is Italian-American, to portray himself as a paragon of modern, middle-class, multicultural New York: Ms. McCray is black and the couple has two children, Dante and Chiara, 18.

Add the endorsements of The Nation and billionaire George Soros, and you have a bona-fide liberal with a fighting chance to be mayor. Whodathunk?