In July, the Post reported that the mayor and the union representing Cablevision employees had a "secret" meeting at PS 66 in Canarsie, where de Blasio told the workers, "I am with you every step of the way." Reporters were barred from the event, despite its location in a public space. Cablevision alleged the mayor "wants no press on its activities." Now the Department of Investigation has ruled that the Department of Education and the Mayor's Office were wrong to prevent press from the meeting.

According to the report [PDF] prepared by the Special Commissioner of Investigator for the New York City School District, the Mayor's Office initially told the Communication Workers of America that the meeting "was to be closed to the press." However, the DOE's attorneys determined that this meant, "they are not expecting press coverage and the event will be open to the public."

Due to a "clerical error," this was never communicated to the CWA and the Mayor's Office.

"While it does not appear that there was any intent to violate the rules, both the Mayor's Office and the DOE must establish a more effective means of communication to prevent such a recurrence of this circumstance," the report reads.

DOI also looked into whether de Blasio's meeting violated a law prohibiting "political activity" in public schools.

"The Mayor's prepared remarks for the meeting were not overtly political," the report states. "However, SCI has no record of what the Mayor and other participants actually said at the event. SCI requested recordings, transcripts or written accounts of the meeting from the Office of the Mayor; none was received."

Wiley Norvell, a spokesman for the Mayor's Office, told us, “We’ve reviewed the report’s findings and will improve our internal procedures to ensure the inadvertent mistake is not repeated.”

De Blasio, who excoriated the press last week for their incessant prying into an aide's personal life, told reporters today, "It was a mistake. I think by definition we were in a public building. The media should have been allowed...That was a mistake by my team and a mistake we won't make again."