There's just one day left before proposals are due for Amazon's second headquarters, and politicians across the country are tripping over themselves to woo the Seattle-based corporate behemoth. Here in New York, Mayor de Blasio has decided to show off the city's innovative spirit by inventing a new color—"Amazon Orange"—and casting it across the city's buildings and advertising spaces tonight.

The city announced this morning that several skyscrapers—including the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, and the Bloomberg Tower—would be illuminated in "Amazon Orange." The desperate hue will also take over all of the city's LinkNYC screens, as well as 10 digital billboards throughout Manhattan.

A spokesperson with the Economic Development Corporation clarifies that this has nothing to do with Halloween, and is instead a tribute to Amazon's official corporate color, which is orange.

The lighting initiative is accompanied by an Amazon-inspired video, which features a five-star review from former Mayor Ed Koch, and the suggestion that Amazon should "Add To Cart: NYC." If NYC can't get added to Amazon's cart, the least the company could do is reply to our texts. We are painting ourselves ORANGE for you, Jeff.

There's more! You, too, can reimagine your personal brand as corporate panhandling for the world's second wealthiest man, as the press release helpfully encourages New Yorkers to share photos of the orange lights using the hashtag #HQ2NYC.

And here's the statement from de Blasio, whose position on union-busting retail giants known to drive out small businesses has apparently evolved: "The case for bringing Amazon's new headquarters to New York City is simple: we are the global capital of commerce, culture and innovation. No city has stronger talent, greater diversity or a more dynamic economy. We welcome today's show of support from institutions, businesses and civic leaders united behind the city's bid."

While it's true that business leaders like Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and Blackstone have been pushing for Amazon to build its second headquarters here, other New Yorkers are less sanguine. Earlier this week, over 25 community groups, including Make the Road New York, NY Communities for Change and ALIGN NY, rallied at the steps of City Hall in protest of both Cuomo's and de Blasio's "special treatment" of Amazon.

"It's really a disappointment from this administration, when Bill de Blasio was such a big part of the fight to keep Walmart out of New York City over their labor record, that now he's rolling the red carpet out for Amazon," Renata Pumarol, deputy director of New York Communities For Change, told us.

"They're denying they've rolled out the red carpet for Amazon, but this proves the exact opposite—they're turning New York City orange for Amazon!"

New York City will go orange for Amazon at 9 p.m. tonight. Don't forget the hashtag!