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This morning Mayor de Blasio and his team updated the city on this weekend's snow storm from the beautiful Spring Street Salt Shed (just look at that salt shed!). De Blasio says the forecast is still just a forecast, but all signs indicate a storm a-brewin' which will start Saturday morning and continue through Sunday morning. However, forecasts can change, so be sure to constantly refresh for updates!

The bottom line, de Blasio noted, is that "New Yorkers should be ready for a big storm. Make precautions now. Plan on staying home, taking it easy, stay off the roads." He warned that people need to "take this very seriously, recognize that this is the real thing"—this is particularly important for drivers, and de Blasio issued a hazardous travel advisory for Saturday.

The current National Weather Service forecast predicts 8"-12" of snow, with strong winds and possible coastal flooding. The NWS has already issued a blizzard watch that takes effect at 6 a.m. Saturday. Sanitation Commissioner Catherine Garcia says to expect gale force winds and white-out conditions when driving. And now, some answers to your snow questions:

Will there be...

  • Garbage pick-up: Most likely there will not be garbage or recycling pick-up on Saturday.
  • School on Monday: Probably!
  • Subway service: Hell yes (unless this storms hits Day After Tomorrow levels, which is not expected)
  • Alternate side parking: It will probably be canceled on Monday
  • Sanitation trucks fitted with plows: ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY OF THEM (this number is higher than last year)
  • Salt: 303,000 tons of it, thanks to a new $77.5 million dollar snow budget

And if you'd like to make some extra cash, you can sign up to be a snow laborer here. You should also help shovel outside of your own building, though de Blasio says he's taking a break from that this year.

Relive the magic from this morning's presser right here: