Today is Tax Day, but apparently it's also Govern Like A Millennial Day in NYC, where Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the release of his tax returns via a sassy tweet and a lengthy Medium post. In making his tax filing public, de Blasio threw shade at Trump in a Tweet that Trump will never see because the mayor sadly failed to @realDonaldTrump. But whatever, as the kids used to say in the '90s (I don't know what they say now... Love too live in fear of nuclear annihilation?).

De Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray declared a combined income of $220,651 last year, with almost half of that ($106,000) coming from rent on two Park Slope apartments they own. The tabloids have criticized de Blasio this week for raising the rents on these properties, but according to their tax filing the expenses related to these properties exceed the rental income due to taxes and depreciation.

In his Medium post, de Blasio heaps copious amounts of shade onto Trump, whose refusal to release his tax returns is reportedly becoming a sticking point for his push to dramatically overhaul the tax code. De Blasio writes:

For us, tax time is a moment of gratitude. No one enjoys paying taxes, but we are grateful to live in this country, in New York City, and do our part. We are grateful to have a home — even if we don’t live in it right now — and a steady source of income. And we are grateful to have the profound honor to serve the city we love.

Yet, tax time also confronts us with the cruel absurdity of what President Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress are doing. They want to slash sensible government investments in education, health care and other key areas that most Americans rely on and use that money to give a massive tax cut to the wealthy — the one segment of Americans who don’t need any help.

Let’s be clear: The wealthy have never been richer. Since the 1970s, the top one percent of earners has taken an ever greater share of the income this country produces. These days, income inequality is as bad as it’s been since right before the Great Depression of 1929. Remember how well that turned out?

The statement concludes that "no one forces any of us to run for public office, but those in public office must be transparent about our finances." De Blasio's Medium post comes on the heels of this weekend's nationwide protests demanding Trump release his tax returns, but White House spokesman Sean Spicer reiterated again yesterday that the president has no intention of releasing his tax returns any time soon. But just wait until de Blasio starts trolling Trump via Snapchat...