Many New Yorkers have been on edge since November 9th, and hate crimes in the country and NYC have spiked dramatically since Trump's election. Today, Mayor Bill de Blasio will hold a speech at Cooper Union's Great Hall to discuss the current climate of worry.

Last week, the mayor met with President-elect Donald Trump, and, among other topics, discussed how Trump's proposed deportations would "create a rift" between police and communities, and "flew in the face of all that is great in New York City, a city of immigrants, a place that has succeeded because it's been open for everyone and has built generation after generation of immigrants." De Blasio added that he reiterated to Trump that NYC would protect undocumented New Yorkers.

Yesterday, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo promised New Yorkers he would lead New York State to fight for our values and against hate:

We must stand up and say, "You spread fear and we will spread love."
We will stand up and say, "You try pull us apart and we will stand stronger for each other."
We will stand up and say, "Yes we are black, white and brown - but we are one."
We will stand up and say, "We are gay and straight - but we are one as a community."
We will stand up and say, "Yes we are Christian, Muslim and Jews - but we are one."
We will say, "Yes we are individuals but we are also one community. One family."