The NY Post is almost exclusively devoted to reminding us, in these fidgety weeks leading up to de Blasio's ascent to mayorship, that our fair city will soon look like a mix between Stalingrad and Alternate Reality Hill Valley. And all their fears are coming true, because now the Post reports that de Blasio's "getting his policing advice" from ex-criminals. Light your recycling bins on fire and call it day.

A number of organizations THAT ARE NOT ACTUALLY AFFILIATED WITH THE DE BLASIO ADMINISTRATION have set up a "Talking Transition" coalition that invites New Yorkers to sound off on what they think the new mayor's policies should be before he tosses all the rich people in gulags and replaces the NYPD with the Rainbow Gathering Family. Yesterday Talking Transition confirmed the Post's fearmongering about a de Blasio future, gathering some 50 ex-convicts at an event in Morningside Heights to ponder on how the mayor could help prevent recidivism. Those monsters.

Naturally, people who've committed crimes would like government to help them reenter non-criminal society, just as rich people would like the government to stop taxing them and schoolchildren would like their teachers to swap out homework for Halloween candy. And some ex-cons happen to live in neighborhoods where the NYPD routinely violates their constitutional rights. "I like the idea of ending stop and frisk. That was the first thing that was totally there for me," Mikell Green-Grand, who served time for grand larceny and identity theft convictions, said at Thursday's forum.

Talking Transition has held forums with groups all over the city, but this is clearly the only one that matters, and if the Post has taught us anything, he'll be staffing his transition team and administration with hardened criminals like Cynthia Nixon and Mark David Chapman. Hand over your PIN code next time you call 311—it's the law! It's unclear from the Post story which criminals de Blasio will hire for his Communications staff, but we hear some former News of the World staffers are looking for work.

But whatever. At least we have this slideshow of Kim Kardashian's breasts to keep us warm when the roving gangs have broken all our windows.