Mayor de Blasio is somewhere in Pennsylvania today, probably hiding out from the reporters who went insane after he ditched a Q&A yesterday. Capital New York's Azi Paybarah Tweeted, "Yes, mayor who vowed transparency & was credited with having a grt campaign communication strategy is ducking reporters & refusing to talk."

See, the media had some questions after WCBS 2 caught his SUV caravan running through stop signs and going 15 mph above the speed limit on Thursday. Yesterday morning, he told reporters staked out by his Park Slope home that they could ask questions at a later press event (then he was caught jaywalking).

At the afternoon press conference to discuss the plans for LICH, de Blasio read a statement about his caravan's driving:

...I know people have asked some questions since the media reports related to my security detail. So, very, very simple statement. You probably, many of you probably saw Commissioner Bratton's comments earlier, and Deputy Commissioner Miller's comments. So I'll just respond, or refer to those. So I have great respect for NYPD security training and protocols. I'm committed, obviously, to traffic safety, and safe streets in NYC. That's why we put forward Vision Zero. Commissioner Bratton addressed the topic of my security detail earlier today. I'm very comfortable with what Commissioner Bratton said, and I refer you to his comments. Thank you very much.

Then he left! Here's video from Paybarah:

So what did Commissioner Bratton say about his police officers (who are assigned to de Blasio's security detail) breaking traffic laws? He told reporters, "I am not overly concerned with what I saw... The officers assigned to the security detail have dual concerns... They were moving with the traffic flow, which they’re trained to do. If you get up on the Grand Central Parkway and that’s going 55 miles per hour, you go 55 miles per hour." (The speed limit there is 40 mph.)

Bratton also didn't think it was a double standard for de Blasio to preach a Vision Zero approach to reducing pedestrian injuries and fatalities and break laws, "He’s the mayor of New York and his security is paramount. It’s the same as the president of the United States, the governor or, for that matter, the security that’s provided to me. I’m sorry. That’s the way it is."

Now de Blasio can go on with fare-jumping, pissing everywhere.