Yesterday, the NY Post handed their front cover over to LifeLock spokesman Rudy Giuliani, who proceeded to blame Mayor de Blasio and his "progressive" agenda for creating the current homeless epidemic. De Blasio responded to Giuliani's faux-humanitarianism: "I think he’s delusional." That sounds about right.

De Blasio was asked about Giuliani's diatribe during a press conference at the West Indian Day Parade on Monday. "If you think about what Rudy Giuliani did as mayor, homelessness went up about 40 percent on his watch. He clearly doesn’t remember the fact he said, he chased and chased people, but he also deprived families of benefits they needed and the help they needed,” de Blasio said.

Among other things, de Blasio argued that Giuliani only changed his rhetoric on the homeless because of Timothy Cardinal Dolan, head of New York’s Catholic Archdiocese. "Now I was very struck by the fact that one day last week he talked about chasing and chasing and chasing people, then Cardinal Dolan very powerfully reminded all New Yorkers that people who are homeless are human beings who need help and need their lives turned around," de Blasio said, according to Politico.

"At that point you’ll notice that Giuliani changed his rhetoric and again in a delusional manner presented some wonderland over which he governed in which he provided all sorts of wonderful, nurturing services for people. It didn’t happen that way,” he added. "Talk to all the people who worked on behalf of the homeless in those years. So this is really a tale of two Rudys — one who says he liked to chase people away and another who suddenly thinks he was nurturing to them."

De Blasio noted that the city has invested $1 billion over the next four years to get the homeless off the streets and into shelters, and then get people in shelters into permanent housing. He said he also is dedicated to getting rid of the city's 21 remaining homeless encampments.

A story in the Daily News today notes that it is increasingly unlikely that de Blasio will be able to end veteran homelessness by the end of the year, as he promised in his State Of The City address.

Meanwhile, the Post doubled-down on their homeless trolling by finding homeless people to parrot their own bullshit back: "I’ve seen mayors come and go, and I’ve never been as comfortable as under de Blasio," 60-year-old "longtime vagrant" Mohamed Rasul told the Post. "I have choice under de Blasio, and I choose to be homeless."