Last week, Mayor de Blasio convened a round table with NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and various community leaders to discuss police-community relations in the wake of Eric Garner's death during an arrest. Of course, the Rev. Al Sharpton essentially stole any possible thunder from de Blasio by remarking, "If Dante wasn’t your son, he’d been candidate for a chokehold" and "If we are going to just play spin games, I’ll be the worst enemy because I am tired of seeing people bury their kin." Now it seems the mayor is a tad perturbed.

According to the Post, "De Blasio thought the activist preacher publicly humiliated him by spouting off from a seat of honor directly to the mayor’s left, sources said Thursday."

“He was really pissed at what Sharpton did,” one source said.

“He felt [Sharpton] embarrassed him, and he regrets now that he let the press in and that he moved Sharpton up [to the dais].”

Sharpton was initially supposed to be seated away from de Blasio with other community leaders, the source said.

Sources also said some of de Blasio’s top aides are worried that Sharpton’s stunt damaged the mayor’s credibility as a leader as controversy continues to mount over Garner’s July 17 caught-on-video arrest. “It’s obvious it was a mistake. It makes him look weak,” a source said.

Pretty smart for "sources" to play up this angle, especially after the NY Times' story reporting how Sharpton didn't know he'd be sitting near Bratton during the public meeting, "With the public watching, Mr. Sharpton said he felt compelled to deliver his full-throated critique of the Police Department." (The Times also said de Blasio's "vision" to re-shape police-community relations "remains vague.")

The Post's Andrea Peyser chatted with Sharpton and claims that he really wants to be her friend. However, she writes, "I’ll never agree with Sharpton, not even on the weather."