Start customizing your Airbnb listings with sparkly donkeys wearing Nets jerseys! A major political party's national convention could come to NYC for the first time since George Bush and the GOP offended us with their rapacious presence ten years ago. Mayor Bill de Blasio submitted a formal proposal to the Democratic National Committee yesterday, urging the party to hold its 2016 convention at Brooklyn's Barclays Center. Here's the Bill's big pitch:

De Blasio DNC pitch

But is Broooooklyn too libtardian for the lamestream Democratic apparatchiks? As Michael Grynbaum at the Times aptly notes, "A Democratic convention in Brooklyn, arguably the most liberal redoubt of one of the country’s most liberal cities, would be a stark departure from the recent tradition of political parties hosting their conventions in swing states like Florida and Colorado, which can be critical to clinching a national campaign."

Will our nation's equivocating swing state soccer moms be turned off by a convention in the same borough where Adam peed on Hannah in one Very Special Episode of GIRLS?

The DNC asked 15 cities to submit bids to host the convention; the competition includes Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix and Salt Lake City. But none of their convention centers are within walking distance of Franny's pizza, so check and mate, bitches.