Christine Quinn's worst nightmare has become a reality. Mere days after she finally finished fighting off Anthony Weiner from her top spot in the polls, Bill de Blasio has come in and knocked her off the pedestal.

According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, de Blasio is leading with 30 percent of Democratic support. Quinn has dipped into second place at 24 percent, and Bill Thompson is now fighting for relevancy at 22 percent. Weiner has been banished to 10 percent, which, according to himself, is "fairly predictable." ("Predictable" is probably the last word one would use to describe the events of the past several weeks, but despite many fervent attempts, I may never be able to read Weiner's mind.)

But de Blasio is taking the news in stride: "Whether we are ahead in the polls or behind, Bill de Blasio's message has always been clear," his camp said in a press release. "He is the only Democrat who will break from the Bloomberg years by raising taxes on the wealthy to invest in universal pre-K and after-school programs, ending racial profiling, and fighting to save community hospitals."