Newsstand man Jerry Delakas has been battling city officials who have been trying to evict him from his longtime Astor Place stand for a while now, and they padlocked the space last month, cutting off his only supply of income. But a New Day Has Dawned in City Hall, and support from Mayor de Blasio may have bought Delakas some much-needed extra time

Delakas, 64, has been operating his newsstand for 26 years, albeit without the proper license. Instead, Delakas had been paying the stand's license-holder, Katherine Ashley, a weekly fee; when Ashley died, the city refused to transfer the license to Delakas, even though she left the stand to him in her will.

The battle over Delakas' newsstand has been a big one, and it seems Jerry and his legal team were hoping the new mayor would give him a boost. According to the "Save Jerry's Newsstand" Facebook page, after waiting outside for hours, Delakas met with de Blasio at Gracie Mansion's open house on Sunday. There, he offered the mayor an adorable mini-newsstand made out of cardboard and pleaded his case. "It was a great injustice,” de Blasio reportedly told Delakas, before telling his aides to "get on it immediately."

Now, the city has granted Delakas a two-week adjournment, and a rep for the mayor issued a statement noting that the administration is “working to reach a better outcome." Delakas and attorney Arthur Schwartz will hopefully be able to appeal to the mayor to keep the stand open. "He will only get his license back if the mayor intervenes," Schwartz told DNAinfo. Let's go, Bill.