In a plan released this morning, NYC public advocate (and increasingly viable mayoral candidate) Bill De Blasio called for a New York City with zero traffic deaths, or, in the short term, a lot less.

De Blasio is proposes a "vision zero" where the city will reduce speed limits, continue fighting Albany for speed-cameras, widen sidewalks, and make bicycle lanes safer for bicyclists. The city would also expand 20 MPH zones to more neighborhoods across the boroughs.

The plan points out that between 2001 and 2010, traffic deaths amounted to more than those of gun-related deaths among New York City residents. On top of that, being hit by a car is the most common injury-related cause of death among children 1-14 years old, and the second most-common for children aged 15 or older.

The De Blasio plan also points out the lack of necessary enforcement for speeding violations in the city. While 81,126 tickets were written last year for tinted windows, only 19,119 were written for speeding violations. Two independent studies by Transportation Alternatives found that more than 80 percent of drivers were going more than 10 miles per hour above the speed limit while driving through the city.

While De Blasio has some sensible idea about cracking down on speeding drivers, no mayoral candidate has yet to submit a plan to stop those badass armies of dirt bikes and ATVs.