It can be hard to remember now, but back in the early days of Mayor Bill de Blasio's seemingly foredoomed presidential campaign, few people believed he had a shot. "What is your deal, man?" we'd ask, struggling to grasp the outer bounds of one person's unbridled ambition. "Please can't you just be our mayor?"

Despite the skepticism of his own constituents, de Blasio's confidence never wavered. "My friend," he'd say, over and over, as he regaled us with tales of his former underdog triumphs, before quietly ducking back into the canyons. "My friend."

Still, when his favorability numbers sunk below zero, and as his cherished viral moment landed with a tinny thud, our initial doubts congealed into outright cynicism. Among 8.6 million New Yorkers, was there even a single person who believed this man should be president? Surely, we thought, there was not.

Mister Mayor: we're sorry to have doubted you.

According to a new statewide poll released by Siena College, there is in fact a living, breathing de Blasio 2020 supporter stalking the streets of New York City. A spokesperson for Siena College confirmed the man's existence to the Washington Post. We don't know much more, except for the fact that he is an older white man (historically, a key demographic for candidates hoping to rise above the collective will of the people).

Of 389 Democrats polled statewide, this man was the sole respondent brave enough to admit his support for a de Blasio presidency. Talk about a person-first, grassroots campaign!

Unfortunately, according to the polling establishment's math, the fan support is still not enough to pull de Blasio above the 1 percent mark among New York Democrats. On his home turf, he remains at the very bottom of a 12-person pack. A full three-quarters of New York residents do not view de Blasio favorably.

But there are signs of surging momentum elsewhere. In Iowa, he now finds himself in a three-way tie for 15th place, with 1 percent of likely Democratic voters saying they'll caucus for him, and another 1 percent considering it.

Take those Iowans, combine them with this one older guy in New York, and you've got the makings of a solid base—or at least a semi-plausible excuse to continue bailing on your day job for the foreseeable future. Ultimately, isn't that what democracy is all about?

Are you the New York City gentleman who answered the phone and professed your actual support for President de Blasio to a complete stranger? Reach out!