With his campaign flagging and in need of a boost, Mayor Bill de Blasio is adding some star-power to a tight mayoral race by holding a campaign rally with Senator Bernie Sanders at Terminal 5 next week. That sound you hear is all of New York City's least sane Twitter accounts typing "MARXISTS" and smashing that tweet button all in unison at @Gothamist for tweeting this story.

De Blasio campaign comms director Monica Klein tweeted this morning that America's favorite politician will appear with New York City's tallest mayor at New York City's least favorite music venue next Monday, October 30th at 5:30 p.m., for a campaign rally.

You, too, can see Sanders (and also the mayor) by simply RSVPing to the event. I wouldn't dawdle on it, but there presumably there's a large number of people who can make it in to the music venue that routinely sells tickets without regard for the comfort of the audience or their ability to see anything happening onstage (unless they get to the far west side of Manhattan exactly when the doors open in order to seize a spot on the floor or along the balcony railings, continuing to stand there for hours through numerous opening acts and inevitably succumbing to the venue's obscenely overpriced drinks, outrageous credit card bill to follow).

For de Blasio, the Sanders appearance is yet another attempt to grab some national spotlight after the many attempts to do so during the 2016 presidential campaign. For those with short memories, de Blasio wound up endorsing Hillary Clinton under the harsh interrogation of the Morning Joe crew after months and months of holding out. The mayor then wound up having to cancel his Iowa candidate forum when no one wanted to show up and debate inequality, and was then barely welcomed by the Clinton campaign in the pivotal caucus state. After all of that, de Blasio then told the press that Bernie would have won.

Still, with bitter rival/commuter hostage taker Andrew Cuomo getting Sanders to appear at announcements for his less-than-universal program announcements, the mayor has to keep pace.