Critics of Mayor Bill de Blasio are accusing him of "Islamophobic hypocrisy" for not more forcefully condemning a Brooklyn Councilmember who repeatedly claimed that Palestine does not exist.

The incendiary comment was made on Wednesday by Councilman Kalman Yeger — a Democrat who represents Borough Park, Bensonhurst, and Midwood — in response to a tweet from Zainab Iqbal, a reporter for BKLYNER. Noting Yeger's aggressive attacks on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Iqbal pointed out that Yeger is prone to making derogatory statements about Palestinians.

"Palestine does not exist," Yeger responded. "There, I said it again. Also, Congresswoman Omar is an antisemite. Said that too. Thanks for following me."

The statement immediately prompted a flurry of strongly-worded condemnations from New Yorkers, as well as some tsk-tsking from fellow politicians. In a statement to Gothamist, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams said the comments were "very hurtful to individuals and the cause of a two state solution and peace," and urged him to apologize. Likewise, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson tweeted a statement denouncing Yeger's remarks as "unhelpful and unwelcome."

Johnson did not, however, respond to follow up inquiries about whether he would seek to remove Yeger from his post on the NYC Council Immigration Committee—as he did to Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr., after he faced renewed scrutiny for his own bigoted stances earlier this year.

De Blasio also weighed in on the Yeger's remarks, noting in a tweet that "a two-state solution is the best hope for peace. I challenge anyone who thinks the State of Israel shouldn’t exist. But the same goes for anyone who would deny Palestinians a home."

In response, Muslim activist Linda Sarsour called de Blasio's comment "the weakest statement he could possibly come up with." She noted that the mayor was more forceful in his denunciation of controversial tweets from Rep. Omar, a freshman lawmaker from Minnesota who implied support for Israel was based on money.

"He needs to directly call out Councilmember Yeger in the same way he called out a black congresswoman who made poorly worded tweets," Sarsour told Gothamist. "This is blatant bigotry, it's a double standard, it's Islamophobic hypocrisy."

A spokesperson for the mayor's office declined to elaborate further on de Blasio's statement. Attempts to reach Councilman Yeger were unsuccessful.