Let us sit back and appreciate the MTA for a moment, because even though they are trying to run us through the paces with the fare hike talk, thanks to their amazing budget deficit, at least we haven't seen two trains crash the way the Metro did in DC. Of course, this accident has prompted union leaders to say the MTA's plan of computer-operated trains is dangerous. The Metro train was an automatic, computerized train, and the president of Transport Workers Union Local 100 told the Daily News "If this crash could happen on the D.C. Metro, a contemporary system designed for this technology, much worse could happen in New York, where the MTA is trying to stick unproven 21st century technology onto 100-year-old railbeds." Of course, this union represents the conductors who would be out of a job. And the MTA is going to great lengths to explain that the computerized system, which will be used on the L train first, will have a human motorman at the controls to override the system. Gothamist thinks that great, but, man, that DC crash is scary - a car piled on top of another? Yikes.

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