An attempted robbery at a Brooklyn daycare center yesterday led to a shootout between cops and one of the suspects right above the young children sleeping at their feet. Two men made their way into Special Moments Daycare in East Flatbush yesterday afternoon. Police believe the suspects may have known that it was payday at the childcare facility.

The twelve children at the center were napping on cots when the suspects entered. They forced one employee down on the ground, while prompting another one to take them to the back office where a suitcase was filled with cash. One of the other employees was able to sneak in a cellphone call to the daycare owner's husband, who then called 911.

Police immediately nabbed the lookout and went inside after the other two robbers. When one of the suspects, Gavin Nugent, spotted cops, he pointed his gun at them and opened fire. Police fired back and Nugent was shot twice. He was taken to Kings County Hospital, where he's in stable condition.

Police then rounded up the children and gave them snacks while waiting for their parents to arrive. When asked about her day, two-year-old Yosha Williams said, “My friends were crying. I had pizza.”