Licensed daycare worker Akwasiba Radellant claims she didn't know about the drug-dealing operation that was going on in her Hamilton Heights apartment—in front of the children! She took the stand on Monday, and plead not guilty to drug possession and other charges.

Last year police seized three pounds of high-grade marijuana, a scale, cash and plastic baggies from the apartment where Radellant ran her dacycare service. The NY Sun reported the place looked liked a drug den—there were black trash bags covering the windows and the smoke detectors were disabled. But there was also a three-month-old baby crawling around and Radellant's childcare certificate hung on the wall. Cops brought the Harlem woman in on charges of child negligence but now she is facing a whole lot more.

According to the New York Post, her co-defendant Donald Crespo plead guilty after he was nabbed by an undercover cop selling drugs from the very same apartment. Radellant claimed she had no idea there were drugs in the apartment and blamed Crespo, who will spend 45 days in jail.