2008_12_daygay.jpgOur San Francisco sister blog reminds us that today is Day Without a Gay: "What is that? It's when those of you who prefer the sweet love of the same sex are supposed to call in sick, not buy anything, and go volunteer." So if you're gay and at work, get the hell out of there, honey, and help out at the brunch soup kitchen or something! Stereotypical joking aside, this is a serious protest to that Prop 8 jackassery in California (not to mention similar atavistic anti-gay initiatives passed by morons in Arizona, Florida, and Arkansas). Organizers say, "You are encouraged not to call in sick to work. You are encouraged to call in 'gay'—and donate your time to service!" We're not gay, but...wouldn't it be nice to show some solidarity and "service" Quantum of Solace today? In our absence, enjoy Hank Hertzberg's column reminding everybody not to blame blacks for tipping the Prop 8 balance in California—it's the Mormons.