Nothing helps children mellow out (besides telling them to Go The F*ck To Sleep) than some special brownies. But one judge disagreed after a Brooklyn couple was busted in 2009 with over $100K in cash and 10 pounds of marijuana stashed in their day care center and revoked their licenses to operate one. Their business, Special Moments Day Care Center, was robbed while the children were asleep, and a gunfight with police ensued. Now, Donna Rogers is asking the court to grant her a waiver so she can work with children again. Rogers lawyer tells the Daily News that "she just wants the opportunity in the future to work in a day care." We sure wish we'd had some of those types of Special Moments when we were little.

Rogers received five years probation and no jail time because she had two children of her own, although her husband received three months and probation. The judge in the case explicitly stated, "The one troubling aspect of this case is the location. The fact that a day care center was at least used as a stash house." Rogers denies that drugs were ever actually sold out of the house, and even if the court grants the waiver, a state board can revoke the license. Taking the long view, if Rogers is officially out of the day care business, she could always move to California.