1. Lance Armstrong says tomorrow's marathon is the "anti-Tour de France." He's hoping to clock in at 3 hours, though the longest he's run is 16 miles. The NY Post covered the press conference: "When asked if he would feel safe surrounded by 37,000 runners, Armstrong said that after getting thousands of death threats during the Tour de France, he was not concerned about New York." Take note: NYC safer than France's bike country.
  2. Great AP story on the manager of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, where the marathon starts. Bob Tozzi, who will retire in 12 days, says about the clothes strewn on the bridge, "There are so many clothes, we literally plow them into piles. Cold days are worse -- runners wear something until the cannon goes off to start the race, then they discard it."
  3. Some more articles from Newsday and the Daily News -- remember that streets and roads will be closed - plus the NY Times' marathon section (check out the one about the wheelchair competitors)!
  4. Today the International Friendship Run was held, with runners from all over the world in their country's colors running in the city.
  5. Finally, good luck to everyone running tomorrow. You are all amazing and we hope you have a great day!

Photograph of runners during the International Friendship Run by Frank Franklin II/AP